Prescribing to Phil is easy:

1. Search “PhilRx” in your EHR’s Retail Pharmacy Finder
2. Send the ERx to PhilRx
3. If you have trouble locating PhilRx in your EHR:
   a. Search by NCPDP 3685508
   b. You can prescribe via fax or phone:
   i. Fax: (888) 975-0603
   ii. Phone: (855) 977-0975

Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t find Phil in the EHR - what should we do?

To find Phil on the EHR, ensure you have selected the pharmacy type as RETAIL.

Search with exact spelling and spacing of the name “PhilRx, LLC”

Search by NCPDP 3685508

If you still can’t find PhilRx you can reach out to your EHR’s customer service line.

You can also prescribe to PhilRx via fax or phone:

Fax: (888) 975-0603
Phone: (855) 977-0975

Is there a difference between the AZ and OH pharmacies?

We have two locations; one in Columbus, OH and one in Scottsdale, AZ. Each location has a dedicated team to support different medications. However, regardless of which location you send the script to, it will be directed appropriately without impact to the patient experience. 

How can I (doctor) change my communication preferences?

You can update your preferences by sending an email to the Phil HCP Support team (, or by calling Phil’s HCP Support team at 855-588-0387, Option 1.

Is there a place where I can proactively see all of the patients I’ve sent through Phil? If so, how do I get sign-up/access that information?

You can contact Phil’s HCP Support team via phone 855-977-0975, Option 1 or email (

Is there one place where prescribers can see all the Rx they’ve written versus only the updates on where action needs to be taken?

We send a weekly HCP summary fax/email that will consist of the patient cases with a pending action (either from the patient or HCP) along with the scripts that have been successfully processed/shipped (at the bottom of the fax, may be on the 2nd or 3rd page).

How many follow-up status emails will I get? Is there a more convenient way to get these updates?

As a prescriber, you will receive a weekly summary fax/email on Monday mornings. You can update the preference for fax/email by sending an email to Phil’s HCP Support team ( or by calling Phil’s HCP Support team (855-977-0975, Option 1). Updates will continue as long as you have patients who are enrolled at Phil and they may at any time contact Phil to stop the updates.

How can offices change their default preference and frequency of receiving updates?

Offices can update this preference by sending an email to the Phil’s HCP Support team (, or by calling Phil’s HCP Support team 855-977-0975, Option 1. The frequency of the faxes can not be changed at this time, but HCPs can contact Phil’s HCP Support team any time if they need info on a script.

What is the PhilRx update cadence? Is there a way to adjust the frequency?

The emails and faxes are weekly on Monday mornings and can not be customized at this point in time. We have found that this cadence provides a balance of giving you proper visibility and not overwhelming offices with information. You can call into Phil’s HCP Support team 855-977-0975, Option 1 or send an email ( if updates are needed more frequently.

What happens if a patient does not enroll with Phil after I send their prescription?

If a patient has not enrolled Phil will send a series of SMS messages, we will call and leave voicemails, and send emails to remind the patient to enroll. In addition, Phil will note on the HCP summary fax/email that arrives every Monday morning that the patient has not enrolled.

Does Phil have other ways for patients who do not have a smartphone to easily sign-up without using a SMS link?

Yes, the patient can enroll via phone or via web browser on a tablet or personal computer as well. To enroll via phone, the patient can call Phil’s Patient Support team (855-977-0975, Option 3) and a Phil representative will walk them through the prompts. After creating an account, the patient will be able to change their password at a later date. Please note that the patient will need to have an email address (and Phil team can assist them if they do not have one already).

How long does it take for Phil to initiate the PA after receiving the script? Can this be started even before the patient completes their Phil registration?

Phil typically initiates the PA within minutes of confirming patient insurance. Phil will pre-locate/populate the patient’s insurance, and the patient will confirm insurance accuracy during registration. This ensures any recent insurance changes by the patient are fully captured, and the correct, payer-specific Prior Authorization is completed.